Schull Country Market - Market Rules

Market Rules

(Version 3 - 2005 - 2009 - November 2011)

1) Purpose of the Market
Schull Country Market exists for local farmers, growers, producers and crafters to sell their own-produced items direct to the public. The Market usually operates from Easter to the end of September, with one or more Christmas Markets in December.

2) Insurance
All traders must have a current Public Liability Insurance in the sum of 6.3m and copies of the current insurance certificates must be lodged with the Committee and with the local office of Cork County Council.
Schull Country Market operates a discounted group insurance scheme to cover all traders operating as part of the Market on Sundays. All members of the Market will contribute to this insurance through their annual subscription, regardless of whether they have their own individual insurance.
This scheme does not provide insurance cover for traders selling hot food - who must have their own individual insurance.
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Schull Country Market is approved under the BordBia 'Good Practice Standard' scheme
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3) Fees and membership
All traders must be members of the Market and have paid the joining fee, the annual fee and the insurance contribution - the amount of these fees will be set by the Committee at the AGM each year.

3a) New Traders application
New applicants will complete a Traders Agreement containing their full details.
Applications are considered annually, and must be submitted in January or February of each year.
New applicants will initially be approved or rejected by the whole membership of the Market, and the decision and the reasons for it will be recorded in writing (on the Review Form).

3b) Successful applicants
New applicants who are approved will immediately pay 50% of the joining fee, and the full amount of the insurance contribution (both non-refundable) - and will be invited to trade at the Market for a four week probationary period. At the end of the probationary period, the whole membership of the Market will vote to approve or reject the new applicant. If approved, the new applicant will immediately pay the balance of the joining fee, plus the annual fee.

3c) Eligibility
Members of the Market will be resident in Co. Cork, usually within 40 miles of Schull.
4) Tidyness, space, and safety
Each trader is responsible for the safety and tidyness of their own area, and for collecting and removing rubbish at the end of each Market.

Sometimes space can be limited - traders are requested to be considerate with regard to the space they take up with their stalls.

Committee members will be responsible for the daily organisation of the market.
Generators are not generally allowed at the Market. If you must use a generator, please mention this on your Traders Agreement for and we will discuss this with you.

5) Specific requirements for Food Traders
- Food traders are required to stock at least 75% 'own-produced' items
- Clear pricing and labelling of origin will be displayed by all stallholders for all
products. Organic produce must be verifiable at the point of sale (certificate).
- Food traders will comply with current food safety regulations, including registration with the local Environmental Health Officer, labelling, waste disposal, insurance etc, and shall have attended a suitable course in food safety.
- Members providing hot food are responsible for provision of fire extinguishers, and for safeguarding the public and other traders from hazards
6) Specific requirements for Craft Traders
- Craft traders are required to stock at least 85% 'own-produced' items.

7) Compliance
In completing and signing the Traders Agreement, Market members will agree to follow these rules. All traders will cooperate with any reasonable requests from Committee Members, and, at all times, will respect and support their fellow traders.
These Rules may be amended with the agreement of the members at the Annual General Meeting.
If you would like to apply for membership of Schull Country Market
please complete and return the Traders' Agreement.